Big Stinky


The Big Stinky Fly Trap uses feeding attractants and a powerful pheromone to capture outdoor flies by the thousands. Unique baffle assembly lets flies enter and prevents escape. Great for use around barns, kennels and garbage bins. Includes a 6 oz bottle of bait. Replacement attractant (16 oz) is available — see drop down menu.

Capacity: 3/4 gallon (96 oz)

Works on ALL varieties of the common garbage fly without harming beneficial insects.

• Flesh Flies
• House Flies
• Green and Blue Bottle Flies
• Fish Flies
• and many more!

Why Trap Flies?
If you understand the multiplier effect that can be generated by one female fly, you can see how trapping just one can have a dramatic effect on the local population.

The female housefly, for example, lives about two and a half months and lays between 600 and 1,000 eggs during its lifetime. On the average, 12 generations of houseflies are produced in one year. Therefore, that one female could be responsible for many thousands of flies.

Houseflies (black, non-glossy body) and blowflies (metallic blue/green/gold body) are the most common types found around homes — both are categorized as “filth flies.” Houseflies are attracted more toward animal manure and decayed food, while the blowfly is attracted more to decayed meat (road kill) or fish. Both can be found around garbage. Houseflies will be more dominant around farms and animals, while the blowfly will be more dominant around wooded areas, waterways and more populated human habitations.

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