Orange Plus

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A natural solution for quick clean-up needs. All Purpose Orange Plus Cleaning Towels by Earth Friendly Products are tough on dirt, grease, oil and more. Textured for tough jobs, they’re perfect for hands, garden tools and other home uses!

• Thick pre-moistened, waterless wipes
• Made of replenishable/ sustainable ingredients
• Fresh citrus scent
• 100% biodegradable
NO petroleum ingredients or perfumes

Available size: 40 pre-moistened sheets (10″ x 10″)

Pull up tab to expose dispensing cover. Open lid and remove one sheet from the center of the container and push through opening. Replace cover tightly and begin using by pulling through opening at a slight angle.

Ingredients: Pressed orange oil, ethanol (derived from corn), coconut derived surfactant, water, vitamin E, jojoba oil, wheat germ extract, aloe vera, rosemary, soap bark, chamomile and phenonip (a natural preservative).

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