Toilet Bowl

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Safe for septic tanks! Restore Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner clings to sides of porcelain or stainless steel fixtures to deodorize and make them sparkle in minutes. Removes rust, scale, lime and water deposits. Non-toxic.

• Rapidly biodegradable ingredients are gray water, sewer and septic safe
• Contains NO OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients or known carcinogens
• Will NOT pollute indoor air or irritate lungs
• Made in the USA

Available size: Quart (32 oz)


Squirt 2-4 ounces around inside of rim allowing product to coat sides. Let sit 10-20 minutes or overnight for stubborn stains. Agitate with brush and flush to rinse. Do not use on seat.

Ingredients: Made from citric acid (from corn), plant based solvents (from soy and/or orange rind oil), abundant minerals and water.

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