Cleaner Refills

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Maintain water clarity all-season long with Healthy Ponds PRO Formula Pond Cleaner. Each refill treats 2500 gallons for up to 30 days. Four refills per pack – 120 day supply. Made for use with the patented AquaSub Submersible Dispenser.

Available size: 4-Pack


Step 1: Place only one bacteria pack into the black cap.

Step 2: Screw the black cup into the submersible dispenser.

Step 3: Place the dispenser into the pond.

Step 4: Replace bacteria pack every 30 days.

Ingredients: Contains all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Grower’s Tip:
Healthy Ponds PRO Formula is specifically formulated to improve water quality and clarity by reducing excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia.