Mushroom Garden

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Easy. Fun. Delicious. The Back to the Roots Mushroom Garden produces a pound and a half of gourmet oyster mushrooms in under two weeks! Recycled coffee grounds act as the soil; just mist twice per day (mister included) and get ready to harvest. Grow year-round (right in the box!) and harvest multiple crops.

• Grow indoors – fresh air and indirect sunlight is perfect!
• Eco-friendly: “soil” is 100% recycled coffee grounds
• Harvest TWO (or more) crops of fresh, organic mushrooms
• Great tasting and SAFE to eat!
• Grow your first crop in as little as 10 days!
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Made in the USA


Step 1: Place box indoors away from direct light.

Step 2: Open front panel and cut a “+” in the soil bag.

Step 3: Remove bag from box and submerge in water for 12 hours.

Step 4: Place bag back in box and mist 2 times per day.

Step 5: Harvest when caps are between 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Step 6: Turn box around and repeat steps 1-5 for a second harvest on back panel.