How to Mulch

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Grow your best gardens ever! How to Mulch: Save Water, Feed the Soil and Suppress Weeds will help you select the best mulching strategy for all of your gardens and landscaped areas. A variety of techniques are discussed, including sheet and living mulches, that can both reduce your gardening work and beautify your yard. Paperback, 96 pages.

Inside the cover:
• Useful information for do-it-yourself homeowners
• Illustrated step-by-step instructions
• Advice on mulching specific vegetables, perennial fruits and ornamentals
• Another step toward self-reliance
• Includes organic and inorganic methods (landscape fabrics)

Written by seasoned experts, Stu Campbell and Jennifer Kujawski, this handy little book provides the perfect amount of information — no fluff — to ensure success right from the start. It is the ideal entry point for anyone wanting to acquire new skills and become more self-reliant.