Mosquito (Reusable)

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It works without toxic pesticides! The BioCare Mosquito Trap contains a powerful pheromone lure to capture these blood-sucking pests by the 1000’s. Safe and effective — may be used around children and pets without worry!

• Easy assembly — just add water!
• Attractant lasts up to 6 week
• Best for ALL western states
• Use to reduce diseases such as encephalitis and West Nile virus
• Made in the USA

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF

Note: Non-Toxic Replacement Lures (2-pack) will last six weeks. Please select from the drop-down menu.

Use 4-8 mosquito traps per acre depending on pest levels.

Step 1: Open lid and remove contents.

Step 2: Fill half full with warm tap water.

Step 3: Add complete bait packet to the container with two drops of dish soap.

Step 4: Close lid and place 2-4 feet off the ground in a partially shaded area.

Grower’s Tip:
For best results, we recommend using with Bt israelensis — a highly specific biological pesticide that kills larvae before they can bite.

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