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The Mini Dragon Propane Torch Kit provides the perfect pin-point flame for chemical-free spot weeding around the home and garden. Perfect for clearing unwanted vegetation between garden rows, brick paths, fence lines and sidewalks. Use in the winter to melt ice!

• 18,000 BTU torch with non-slip grip
• Flame adjusting needle valve
• Spark lighter (included)
• Easy and effective “organic” weed control
• Lasts up to one hour on a 1 lb propane cylinder (not included)
• Made in the USA

Easy to use, simply connect to a 1 pound disposable propane cylinder (available at your local hardware store). For best results, “sear” the plant by passing the flame 3″ to 6″ over it; burning is not necessary. Just a split second of exposure to the intense heat is all it takes to kill weeds and unwanted vegetation!

Grower’s Tip:
When using a weed torch, the most effective method is to catch weeds early, from 1-4 inches. When weeds are young, flaming is nearly 100% effective, whereas mature weeds over 4 inches are more difficult to kill without an extended dose of heat.