Micropore Bags (5 gal)


Forget the fancy equipment for processing and filtering plant material! Harvester’s Edge Micropore Bags in individual sizes let you rinse a large amount of produce quickly using a 5 gallon bucket and gravity. Great for market gardeners, home brewers or crafters. Available in 160 and 220 micron pore sizes; 5-gallon capacity.

Unique Features:
* Choose a single screen — 160 or 220 microns
* Compatible with 5-gallon buckets
* Size: 13-in. diameter, 19.75 in. tall
* Made of canvas with waterproof double stitching
* Easy care for years of use

Grower’s Tip:
Keep your equipment in excellent shape by letting gravity and time do the work. Twisting and pressure on the fabric will cause premature breakdown. Looking for smaller sizes? Click here.