Micropore Kit (5 gal)

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Here’s a high-quality, low-tech way to craft essential oils without heat or harmful processing. Harvester’s Edge Micropore 5-Gallon kit lets you use a 5-gallon bucket and several bags for cold water extraction. Using this simple system, the flowers, herbs or fruits are completely and gently separated from the oils. Instructions included.

• Includes 5 bags, 10″ x 10″ pressing screen (25 microns) and storage case
• Micropore sizes: 25, 73, 110, 160 or 220 microns
• Dimensions: 12-in. diameter and 15.5 in. tall
• All fit easily into a standard 5-gallon bucket
• Durable materials and double waterproof stitching

Grower’s Tip:
Plant material is mixed together with cold water and ice, then strained through this series of screens. Looking for one or two filters? Wishing for a larger size for bulk processing? Click here.