Japanese Beetle

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Protects flowers, fruits, vegetables & lawns! The RESCUE Japanese Beetle Trap releases floral and sex attractants to lure both male and female pest insects. Once attracted, they fly into the large yellow panels and are stunned on impact; adults then fall into the attached bag. Catch capacity is 4X larger than competing brands. Included attractant last the entire season (6-8 weeks).

• Proven effective
• Non-toxic — will not harm people or pets
• Durable nylon bag — will NOT burst!
• Large catch capacity
• Combines floral and pheromone attractants

Product Label & Instructions (PDF)

Hang traps 4-feet above the ground and at least 30-feet from plants — the idea is to lure adults away from the area where they are causing damage. Place 1-3 traps per average yard or 4 per 1/2 acre. Replace bags when full.

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