Horticultural Vinegar

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Natural Horticultural Vinegar is inexpensive and environmentally safe — perfect for organic gardening! Contains 20% acetic acid and includes yucca extract — a natural surfactant and penetrating agent. Works fast (within a few hours) and degrades quickly in the environment.

Available in 1 gallon sizes.

• Will NOT harm people, pets or wildlife
• Contains 20% acetic acid (household vinegars contain 5%)
• Safe to use in gardens, lawns and landscaped areas
• Will NOT travel through the soil to injure nearby plants
• May be used for pH modification of soil and water
• Made in the U.S.A.

WARNING: Avoid spraying desirable plants. Causes severe phytotoxicity when applied to vegetation. Do NOT apply during windy conditions — drift will injure or kill contacted plants.

Purchase by the case (4/case) or in 55 gallon drums (4+) and save! Please call 1-888-349-0605 for pricing.