Grow Flow (12 site, 5 gal.)

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Put watering and feeding your large plants on autopilot! The Active Aqua Grow Flow with 5-gallon containers gives you timed hydroponic nutrition delivery for 12 individual pots, with only minimal energy use. Set the fill and drain cycles with the simple control unit, and things are ready to go. Even includes an automatic safety shutoff so your plants won’t be swamped in the case of an overflow.

This complete hydroponic system includes:
• A 55-gallon reservoir
• Twelve 5-gallon growing containers
• 7-gallon digital controller (can control up to 24 growing containers)
• All necessary fittings and 3/4 in. tubing
• Two 250 GPH high-flow pumps (120V)
• Instructions

Unique Features:
• Complete, but expandable
• Energy efficient — pump runs briefly
• Plants move easily with inner and outer buckets
• Adjustable float ladder
• Emergency indicator light and emergency shut-off valve
• 3-year warranty

Controller Bucket System (PDF)

Grower’s Tip: Each 5 gallon bucket holds 13 liters of clay pebbles.

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