Gnat Nix


No chemicals, no fuss application — just a quick, simple way to get fungus gnats out of your plants. Gnat Nix! is a recycled glass material that you can topdress onto any plant. Effective wet or dry, at every stage of a gnat’s life cycle.

• Completely chemical free! 100% recycled glass
• Long-lasting material, proven results
•  Effective indoors or outdoors
• Disrupts the complete insect life cycle, from larva to adult
• Made in the USA!

Available in 9L (8 quart) and 1.5 cubic foot bags.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Top dress plants with 1/2 to 3/4-inch Growstone to completely cover the growing media in containers. That’s it!

Grower’s Tip:
After applying, water plants gently to keep complete coverage and protection available on the soil surface.