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Beautiful and long lasting color! Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena globosa) grows to 30-inches tall and is a continuous mid to late season bloomer. Attractive, clover-like flowers come in an array of colors and are very popular with butterflies. Great fresh or dried in bouquets. (Annual)

Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Hardy plants — originally from Brazil — are easy to grow and thrive in most soils and sunny locations. Start indoors in flats — 6- to 8-weeks before the last frost — for early season flowering or sow directly in beds or borders. Space 12- to 18-inches apart and water occasionally. Plants can tolerate heat and some drought making them a good choice for xeric gardens.

Take cuttings with a sharp pair of pruning snips and use fresh or dried in flower arrangements. Dry by hanging tied bundles upside down in a dark, well ventilated area. Great for potpourri!