Solexx Conservatory


FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.

Designed for small commercial growers! The Conservatory Greenhouse is our largest and most spacious kit. With the tall 9′ 6″ center height, seedlings to large plants and even small trees can easily be grown. Two single-tier, steel-reinforced side benches run the length of the outer walls and a large 5′ wide, double-tiered, steel-reinforced bench frame sits in the center with ample growing area.

The 8′ kit gives you over 110 square feet of bench surface plus about 30 linear feet of steel-reinforced hanging rods for baskets and trailing plants. Two doors allow easy access to the entire growing space.

With the 16′ kit you get more than 220 square feet of bench area and 60 linear feet of hanging rods. We also include four door assemblies so you can easily access plants from either end.

• Easy assembly — takes just a few readily available tools!
• Twin-wall 3.5 mm Solexx Panels provide diffused light for better plant growth
• 2 easy flow louvers
• 2 steel-reinforced single side bench frames
• A center steel-reinforced double bench frame
• 4 steel-reinforced hanging rods
• 2 doors in the 8′ model and 4 doors in all larger units

8 ft. – 16′ W x 8′ L x 9′ 6″ H
16 ft. – 16′ W x 16′ L x 9′ 6″ H
20 ft. – 16′ W x 20′ L x 9′ 6″ H