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Kills insects on contact. Keeps working for up to two weeks! BugShooter all-natural garden bug spray uses essential oils and soap to control a long list of insect pests (much too long to mention here). Safe for plants, flowers and shrubs. Can be used without worry around ponds, streams, wells and watersheds.

• Kills on contact — no noxious odor
• Can be used indoor and outdoor
• Can be sprayed directly on plants
• All natural made from clove oil, peppermint oil and sodium lauryl sulfate
• Harmless to pets, humans and the environment

Available size: 24 oz trigger spray

Apply when insects first appear. Spray on lawns, trees, shrubs, ornamentals, bushes, around patios and pools. In the home around pantries, baseboards, stoves and ovens. Treatment may be repeated weekly or as needed to control infestation.

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