Bug Bingo

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Fun and learning go hand in hand with Bug Bingo. Younger children love the colorful pictures; older kids like the challenge of racing to get Bingo; and everyone learns something! Includes 6 player boards and 42 informative picture cards with chips to mark your spot. Made in the USA.

Each game card comes complete with an entertaining, scientific description. These are the real deal — no cartoon characters here! A dragonfly looks like a dragonfly and kids love it.

How to Play:
• Elect one player to be the Caller.
• Distribute picture boards among the players.
• Select which pattern you want to play from the instructions on the back of the box.
• All players put a chip on the Free Spot.
• The Caller shuffles the cards and holds up one card at a time.
• If the picture is on a player’s board, then the player puts a chip on that picture.
• Players win by being the first to cover the selected pattern and yells… BINGO!

Perfect for ages 3 to adult.

WINNER of three Parents’ Choice awards, seven Dr. Toy awards and three Creative Child Magazine awards.