BioExtractor Bag

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The original compost tea bag! A revolution is stirring in horticultural and agricultural communities across the globe as new, “biologically correct” carbon-positive growing methods are proving to outperform conventional and organic practices. With the Bio Extractor Bag, you can use your favorite soil ingredients to make instant compost teas and liquid fertilizers which produce better results, save money and improve the environment at the same time.

• Instant compost tea in any container — brewer NOT required!
• Durable, heavy-duty construction means NO rips or blowouts
• Large-capacity mesh screen is optimized for maximum extraction
• Roll-and-clip design for easy handling without the mess
• Safe for people, pets and the planet!

Available size: 17″ x 24″ long

Compost Tea Notes (PDF)


Step 1: FILL – Using a clean bucket or barrel, fill with water. Add compost ingredients to bag, roll top three times and fasten the heavy-duty buckle.

Step 2: EXTRACT – Massage bag by hand in water for 2-5 minutes.

Step 3: FEED – Apply immediately as a foliar spray and/ or root drench.