Just Right Xtra

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Chock-full of soil biology, Just Right Potting Mix contains thousands of beneficial microbes and includes quality ingredients not often found in most growing media. Give it a try and you’ll understand why it’s called JUST RIGHT!

Available size: 1.5 cu ft Bag


Cocotek Coconut Coir – Contains pith, fibers and coconut chips for a less compact growing medium.

Ancient Forest Alaskan Humus – The ultimate compost! Contains an incredible diversity of microorganisms, with more than 35,000 species of bacteria and over 5,000 species of fungi.

Large Perlite – Improves drainage and aeration to promote strong root development.

Premium Earthworm Castings – The best we have ever seen!

Diatomite Silica Stone (Diatomaceous Earth) – Stimulates dramatic plant growth and increases resistance to disease.

Rare Earth – Derived from ancient seabed deposits and blended with fulvate ore. Creates a protective silicon shield within plant tissue that protects against heat stress and nutrient extremes.

SubCulture M – A mycorrhizae root inoculant that contains a wide diversity of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots.

SubCulture B – A probiotic inoculum of beneficial microorganisms that help increase the vitality and yield in all plants.

Sulfate of Potash – An organic source containing 51% potash and 18% sulfur. Also contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Organic Bone Char – Includes more than 16% available phosphate (P2O5) and 32% total phosphate.

Note: Adjusting pH is not necessary with nutrients used in this mix – please use organics.