Floralicious Plus


A super concentrated metabolic fuel! General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus (2-0.8-0.02) combines plant, marine and mineral extracts to create a one part nutrient additive for both hydroponics and soil. Use with your fertilizer program to promote incredible flavor and extraordinary yields!


Nutrient Additive – Add to nutrient solution at the rate of 1 tsp. Floralicious Plus per 5 gallons water (.25 ml per liter). Keep solution aerated. Renew with each nutrient change.

Foliar Spray – Mix 1-2 tsp. per gallon water (1-2 ml per liter). Spray foliage lightly particularly the bottoms of leaves. Use weekly in addition to your regular fertilizers.

Ingredients: Vegetable protein hydrolysate and potassium sulphate.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:
2% Humic acids derived from micronized leonardite.
20% Sea kelp derived from Ascophyllum nodosum.