FaSilitor (0-0-0.6)

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This heavyweight in the Aptus lineup is ultra-concentrated and gets results — now! FaSilitor paves the way for plants to take in the nutrients they need exactly when they need it, helping plants develop a natural resistance to disease and pest attacks. Results are often dramatic, but rest assured, it’s completely natural. Specific micronutrients take the place of plant growth regulators you’ll find in other fertilizer brands.

• Key micronutrients of silicic acid, molybdenum and boron open chemical reactions so plants absorb and utilize available nutrition
• Increases plant dry weight by strengthening cell structures
• Boosts resistance to salt buildup
• Reduces uneven growth caused by environmental stresses
• Aids moisture retention

Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Dilute 3 ml in 5 gallons of water for a regular feeding or 1-2 ml per liter for a foliar spray.

Extreme Feed Schedule (PDF)
Online Nutrient Calculator (external link)

Grower’s Tip:
A few feedings can actually help slow leggy, vertical growth, creating wider, compact plants with more branches.

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