Dark Energy


It Stinx – But It Rocks! American Hydroponics Dark Energy is an exciting new nutrient additive that will significantly reduce the time to harvest, especially for flowering plants. Made from an exclusive blend of vital L-amino acids, vitamins and bio-nutrients, Dark Energy allows faster and greater ion penetration of the cell walls, visibly enhancing the rate of growth.

Mix 1/2 to 1 tsp. per gallon of water.

• Accelerated chelation of macro and micro nutrients improving overall uptake
• Improved vegetative growth and chlorophyll content
• Stimulates production of plant hormones responsible for growth & ripening
• Improved yield and quality of harvest
• Increased tolerance to stress
• Can be used from seed to harvest
• Highly concentrated so little is needed
• Compatible with all fertilizer programs, even other nutrient additives!

Why are l-amino acids important?
L-amino acids work as a catalyst to free locked up nutrients and minerals so they may be absorbed more easily by the plant.