Western Yarrow

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(Achillea millefolium) These white, aromatic flowers with delicate foliage are found throughout North America and possess strong medicinal qualities. These qualities were well known to native peoples, and were used prolifically to stop bleeding, as a topical anesthetic, and as an antiseptic. Its aromatic leaves are also used in teas and smoked in pipes. This is an extremely low-maintenance species that will establish and spread well.

Seed: Sept – May
Bloom Height: 18 – 24″
Sun: Full Sun, some shade
1000 Seeds / Covers 10 sq ft

The best time to plant native wildflowers is during the fall, winter, or early spring. Pick a sunny site with rocky or sandy soil that is as weed free as possible. Thoroughly mix your seeds with 1 cup of sand. Hand scatter this mixture onto bare ground. Do not cover.