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Sticky is an understatement! Formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds, TERPINATOR is a one of a kind nutrient additive used to boost plant-oil and terpenoid production. Made from naturally occurring inputs with NO PGRs. Try it in your garden today!

• A one-of-a kind aromatic and plant oil booster
• Increases the size and number of oil producing resin glands
• Boosts the terpene profile unique to your cultivar’s DNA
• Enhances flavor and improves dry weight
• Neutral pH

Available in 1- and 4-liter sizes.

This product may be applied during the entire life cycle of the plant and is compatible with ALL fertilizers and growing media.

Growth: Mix 5–10 ml per gallon of water.

Flower: Mix 10–30 ml per gallon of water.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of plant extracts and potassium sulfate.

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