Temp/ Humidity Gauge

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Superior quality and workmanship. This Large Dial Thermometer can be used indoors or out and features an oversized, 12-inch face, easy-to-read numbers and bold red indicators. Makes it easy to read from a distance and provides precise information about your growing environment’s temperature and humidity.

• Combination temperature and humidity
• Large, easy-to-read dial with black and red dial art
• Weather resistant — Rust-proof
• Temperature range -60°F to 120°F and -50°C to 50°C
• Relative humidity range 30 to 90%
• Lifetime warranty

Mount in a place where it will NOT receive direct heat from the sun, or heat reflected from wall, pavement or other surfaces. If mounted on a wall, it should NOT be a heated wall or even a window or opening which leads from a heated building.