Stake Straight

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Easy to use, this professional-grade tree stake kit will help your newly planted tree grow straight and strong. Made from recycled materials, each kit includes recycled plastic stakes and non-girdling straps that protect the tree’s bark.

Arborists recommend that newly planted trees be supported for approximately one year. Stake Straight can be removed and reused on other trees as needed.

• Easy to install — only one person needed!
• Includes non-girdling triangle strap with brass grommets
• 3 pencil-pointed stakes made of recycled plastic
• 33 ft. of safe tree rope in three sections
• For commercial and residential applications

Available size: 1-Pack


Step 1: Space the stakes evenly around the tree, away from the tree’s root structure. Drive the stakes into the ground at a slight angle away from the tree.

Step 2: Wrap the black strap with eyelets around the trunk. Crisscross both ends through the loop strap.

Step 3: As needed, wrap the ends of the strap around the trunk.

Step 4: Using tree rope, tie a secure know into each eyelet.

Step 5: Make a large, knotted loop in each rope about 1/3 of the way down from the tree.

Step 6: Insert ropes through the holes in each stake and tie the ends back at the knotted loops.