Split A/C


Cooling your indoor garden has never been easier. With Aura Mini-Split Air Conditioners, there are no holes to cut, no ugly ductwork in the way. With the quick-connect system, installation takes seconds, but standard connections are also available. High-quality Japanese components and durable copper coils and lines mean you won’t be shopping for another unit for years!

• Pinpoint control with day/ night thermostat settings (quick connect models only)
• Warranties of 5 years on the compressor, 1 year on parts replacement
• Air filters are removable and washable
• Condenser arrives already charged!
• Active carbon filtration plus removable and washable air filters
• LED display with 4 operating modes and a digital thermostat
• Energy Star approved!

12,000 BTU – Area Coverage: 450 sq ft or 3,000 watts (110v, 10a)
18,000 BTU – Area Coverage: 700 sq ft or 4,000 watts (240v, 10a)
24,000 BTU – Area Coverage: 900 sq ft or 6,000 watts (240v, 15a)
36,000 BTU – Area Coverage: 1,350 sq ft or 8,000 watts (240v, 15a)

Includes: unit, 25 ft. communication cord, 25 ft. pre-charged line set w/ quick connect fittings and insulation cover, indoor wall mount, remote, 3 in. hole cover, white wrapper for lines and user’s guide.

Grower’s Tip:
This cooling unit can also function as a heat pump down to 5 degrees F, making it a perfect year-round fixture in your small-space greenhouse!