BloomBooster 220W

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Get the most out of your flowering stage! The SolarFlare Bloom Booster grow light puts out out a spectrum in the deep red to red range, plus a mix of blues and whites to produce incredible flowers, every time. It perfectly covers a 2’x2′ growing area for blooming plants or a 5’x5′ area for green growth. And with a whisper-quiet low RPM high CFM 80mm axial fan, you’ll never know it’s there.

• 44 high-intensity 5-watt LED emitters pack a powerful light in a small space
• Perfect system to replace 400W HPS or metal halide setups
• Massive power savings over HID systems with no loss of production
• Use alone or with HID grow lights
• Uniform 90-degree primary lenses

Equipment details: 220W, limited 3-year warranty, shipping weight 9 lbs.

Product Specifications (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
The specially-designed power outlet plug allows up to 10 fixtures to be connected together for maximum coverage using only one outlet and timer!

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