Solar Green Power


Increase your plants strength and defenses with Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power. Unlike other brands, this supplement provides silica in its most available form: silicic acid. With more silicon, your plants will have improved cellular integrity, plant structure, resilience to environmental stress and immune function. This product is NOT registered for sale in California, Washington and Arizona.

• Made from 100% pure silicic acid
• Promotes perfectly formed leaves with excellent shape and symmetry
• Improves immune function and resistance to pests
• May be used as a foliar spray or added directly to soil or reservoirs
• For use in soil, coco or hydroponic systems

Available in 500ml and 1-liter sizes.

Grow Schedule (PDF)

Use throughout your plants life-cycle. In soil and soilless systems, use 0.5 ml per liter of water until flush. A foliar spray should be applied weekly with a concentration of 2 ml per liter of water.