Cold Processed Seaweed. Botanicare Seaplex contains the most effective ascophyllum nodosum, a brown kelp that is harvested from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic. Brown kelp’s slow growth-cycle packs it full of amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients and soil biology that encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

Available in quart (32 oz) and gallon (128 oz) sizes.

Product Brochure (PDF)
Plant Nutrient System (PDF)


Soil Gardens: Use at the rate of 1-2 Tbsp per gallon of water.

Hydroponics: Use at the rate of 1-2 Tbsp per gallon of water in nutrient solution. Reapply every 7 days as necessary.

Foliar Applications: Mix 1-2 Tbsp per gallon of water and add to foliar applicator (spray bottle or pressure sprayer). Mist undersides of leaves. For best results, foliar spray every other day.