Potassium (Power)


When your plants are ready to fruit and flower, you can’t cut corners. RAW Potassium (0-0-50) gives your plants the exact boost of complete K they need just when they’re ready to kick out serious results. Without this 100% soluble element, plants don’t have access to the enzymes needed for optimal plant growth and reproduction. Use with any existing nutrition program for pinpoint support—exactly when you need it.

• Highest concentration available to the home gardener
• 100% soluble, immediately available
• Pure and clean ingredients, always
• Exceptional collection of remedies for plant maladies
• Convenient packaging for use and storage

Available in 2-oz (makes 200 gallons) and 8-oz sizes.

Recipe Book (PDF)
Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Add 1/16 to 1/8 tsp per gallon in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.

Grower’s Tip:
This element builds plant sugars, which not only make tastier fruit (think tomatoes!) but can also reduce insect and disease susceptibility.