Rainbow Mix Pro Grow


Formulated for vigorous leaf and stem growth! Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Pro Grow (8-6-3) is an all-purpose organic fertilizer specially formulated to promote vigorous growth during all phases of plant and tree development. A complete formula with macro and micronutrients, including mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial microbes and humic acids. Naturally time-released, you need only apply 1 – 2 times a season.

• Contains calcium (Ca) to prevent blossom end rot
• Made for indoor and outdoor gardens
• A perfect fertilizer for edibles and ornamentals
• Improves soil texture and quality
• All-natural ingredients

Available in 2 lb and 20 lb bags.


Container Plants: Use 1-4 heaping Tbsp per gallon of soil and mix in thoroughly.

Gardens: Use 1-2 cups Rainbow Mix per 25 square feet every 12 weeks throughout the growing season.

Trees & Shrubs: Spread 2 cups for every 1-inch of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line (outer branches), gently mix into the soil and water thoroughly.

Grower’s Tip:
This product includes additional microorganisms that weren’t available back in 1989 when the original formula was developed. It also has a few additional natural amendments added to increase NPK. Essentially it works the same way, just a little quicker and is more active.

Ingredients: Feather meal, bat guano, fossilized seabird guano, steamed bone meal, langbeinite, sulfate of potash, cottonseed meal, greensand and sea kelp meal.