DPC-7500 Combo


A versatile 240-volt lighting controller that provides FOUR 240-volt outlets and TWO 120-volt outlets. In many cases, you can plug the Powerbox DPC-7500-Combo right into an existing dryer-type outlet to be up and running fast. A unique feature of this model is that you can also set the last two outlets to be timed with the main group, or to provide constant power. This controller has many possibilities: run a veg and bloom from one controller, or run 4 lights plus AC.

• Combination 240v Input / 120v Output
• 5 ft. main power cord — hardwire or plug and play
• Built-in digital timer with battery backup
• Detachable trigger cord can override the built-in timer (allows the unit to be controlled by other devices)
• Four timed 240v outlets and two 120v outlets (120v outlets can be timed with the 240v outlets — or set to constant power)
• Made in the USA
• 5-year warranty

Grower’s Tip:
When selecting a digital ballast don’t settle for a cheap knock-off brand. You want a proven ballast that will work with your bulbs to deliver the highest lumen output possible.