Gro’Chek pH (HI981401N)

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Housed in a water-resistant case, this pH Monitor by HANNA Instruments was originally designed for the greenhouse and hydroponics industry where the need for a low cost continuous meter was established. However, the HI 981401N has proved popular with anyone who wants to have a constant readout and is widely used in aquariums and fish ponds, swimming pools and even the dairy industry.

The HI 981401N ships complete with with an electrode, stainless steel grounding bar, buffer solution sachets, a calibration screwdriver, 12-volt adapter and instructions. Warranty: 2-years (six months on electrode).

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
The glass bulb at the end of the electrode is sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Avoid touching this glass bulb at all times. Also, To prolong the electrode life, after switching the meter off, remove the electrode from the nutrient solution.