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BLOWOUT SALE! Powdered Oxygen. Grotek Oxy-Cal is a time-released supply of calcium and oxygen for the soil. Oxygen is a lifeline for all living organisms and is required by all plants throughout their life cycle for optimum growth.

Available size: 500 Gram Tub

Mix thoroughly with soil at the following rates:

Gardens: Use 250 ml (8.75 oz.) per 100 sq. ft. or 20 kg per acre.

Potting Soil: Mix 9 grams (1 tsp) per 4 liters (1 gallon) of growing media or 4 Tbsp per cubic feet.

Complete Feeding Chart (PDF)
Bloom Feeding Chart (PDF)

User’s Tip:
Oxy-Cal increases the microbial activity to provide a strong, disease-resistant growth medium. This enables the plants to better absorb and use the available nutrients and water.