Nutri-Rich (4-3-2)

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High performance & environmentally friendly! Nutri-Rich Organic Fertilizer Pellets offer the most natural source of essential nutrients to promote vigorous plant growth, bountiful yields and brilliant flowering. Completely natural and contains no synthetic ingredients. Used as directed, this all-purpose plant food will not impact or harm ground waters or other sensitive ecosystems. In fact, it will not only build up and enrich the soil but also benefit the plant and soil biosphere.

Derived from dried poultry waste, these fertilizer pellets are formulated with a broad spectrum of nutrients that slowly release as a plant needs them. The result is a longer lasting green, a stronger and robust shoot and root system and flowering and fruiting beyond compare. Pellets are easy to use and can be applied with any conventional spreader. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Guaranteed analysis 4-3-2, Ca 7%
• Pelleted for all-purpose application
• Guaranteed weed and dirt free
• Easily broadcasts with conventional spreaders
• Contains essential nutrients and micronutrients

Available size: 50 lb Bag


Vegetables: For each 100 sq. ft. of garden area, till or rake in 8 to 12 lbs. of Nutri-Rich prior to planting. After planting, topdress seed rows or plants with a thin layer (1 lb. per 10 foot furrow).

Flowers: For each 1 foot of plant height or width topdress 1/4 to 1/2 lb. of Nutri-Rich Fertilizer out of the foliage drip line.

Lawns: Many synthetic fertilizer manufacturers recommend 6-8 week application intervals. Nutri-Rich’s slow release characteristics allow you to fertilize less frequently and still achieve a long-lasting, deep and lush green. Broadcast 40 lbs. per 1,000 square feet of turf in spring, summer and fall.

Application Recommendations (PDF)

Ingredients: Dried Poultry Waste.