Olivia’s Gel

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Just cut, dip and grow! Olivia’s Cloning Gel stimulates rapid root development for all types of cuttings. Use for stems, leaf, softwood, semi-hard and some hardwood cuttings. Perfect for hydroponics and soil applications.

• 90%-100% success rate
• Seals quickly and reduces transplant shock
• Easier to use than powders or liquids
• Used by professional growers and hobbyists
• Use for all plants — indoors or out!

Available size: 4 oz Bottle

Grower’s Tip:
If using rockwool as a propagation media, pre-treat it with Olivia’s Cloning Solution and adjust the pH level (5.5 to 6.5 is best for most plants).

Ingredients: Ammonium phosphate and potassium nitrate.