Dual Fixture (600W x 2)

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You’ve perfected your grow room, from humidity to optimal NPK ratios, so don’t skimp on lighting. The Nanolux DE Dual Fixture lets you choose separate lamps to create the exact spectral output your varieties need for every growth stage. Choose a 600W 2K DE HPS lamp plus the double-jacketed 600W 6K MH DE lamp or any other combination that suits you.

• Two separate 600W fixtures for even, complete coverage
• Includes 600W 2K HPS & 600W 6K double jacketed MH Lamp
• Compatible with all DE lamps
• Ceramic receptacles for safety
• Compatible with the advanced Nanolux Cloud Control System (NCCS APP)
• Random start technology reduces start-up power draw
• No fan on this sealed ballast enclosure
• BTU output = 1200W – 5040BTU
• Control up to 999 lights wirelessly
•  DTU and RTU sold separately

Size and weight:
Dimensions 13.9 in. X 26.1 in. X 4.1 in.; weight 17.8 lbs

Energy facts:
• Input frequency 50/60Hz – output frequency 85-105kHz
• BTU output = 1200W – 5040BTU

Product Flyer (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
When using multiple light setups for a commercial operation, make sure each fixture has the same type of lamp in each side. For example, all of the lamps on the right side should be of one type, and all of the lamps on the left should be identical in order to maintain a consistent spectral output.

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