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Enjoy your garden longer! DeWitt’s 1.5 oz. Frost Fabric (N-Sulate) is a medium weight, permeable, UV treated cloth designed to protect plants from frost, cold and freezing temperatures. Protects tender plants by raising the temperature beneath the fabric by 6-8°F.

N-Sulate helps ensure a greater number of unblemished blossoms on your spring-flowering trees and shrubs. Great for use on all plants including flowering annuals, bedding plants, vegetables, row crops, fruit trees and bushes.

Allows planting much earlier in the season for a quicker and much longer flowering and growing period. It helps minimize the effects of “cold snaps.” By using it in the autumn, your vegetable harvest time and blooming plant season is extended.

Available size: 12′ x 10′


Step 1: Loosely drape over the plants to be protected.

Step 2: Anchor securely to the ground.

Step 3: Remove when adverse weather conditions depart and sufficient time has passed. After use, store away from direct sunlight.

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