Max-Pro Series (8 in.)

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It’s time to go pro. Quit messing around with a hacked-together ventilation system and get the Max-Fan Pro 8-in to keep your plants comfy. This workhorse is unbelievably quiet while drawing 863 CFM to keep your greenhouse cool and help prevent mildew. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic for long-lasting service.

• Three control speeds: 863 CFM high, 726 CFM medium, 530 CFM low
• 3288 RPM; 186 watts
• Includes 120v power cord
• Use alone or mount in-line with existing 8 inch ductwork

Weight 4.5kg/9.8 lbs.

Grower’s Tip:
This baby packs serious power, but the breeze is gentle enough that it won’t knock over small plants or containers.