Lumatek (1000w)

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Now dimmable with SUPER LUMENS switch! The NEW 1000w Lumatek Ballast features Dial-A-Watt technology that gives you the following 4 advantages:

Multi-Wattage – Now you can power 3 different wattages (600w, 750w & 1000w) of lamps (HPS or MH).

Dimmable – Dimming can be a great way to deal with heat issues in your garden. When dimming a lamp, it is important to remember that you can only go down in wattage. For example, a 1000w lamp can be dimmed to 600w, but you cannot increase the power of a 600w lamp to a 1000w.

Super Lumens – Up to 10% more light at the crank of a dial. The Super Lumens feature can only be used with the highest rated wattage lamp for your ballast.

Go Green – With each setting on your Dial-A-Watt Ballast, both the input and output power change. This is a great feature if you want to save energy when your plants are young and you need less light (uses 25% less energy at the 750w setting than it would at 1000w).

• Dimmable with SUPER LUMENS SWITCH!
• Dual voltage – 120/ 240 volt
• Completely silent (no humming – no vibration)
• Small compact design – under 16 lbs.
• Best warranty – 5 years! (3 year exchange, 2 year prorated)

Comes standard with a 120v power cord. Purchase a 240v power cord (sold separately) if using a 240 volt power supply.

Requires Plug Adapter BAASP (sold separately) to work with ALL Hydrofarm reflectors/ cord sets.

OVER-STOCK SALE! All units are NEW — these are NOT the factory “refurbished” models sold by some companies.