KIND Bloom (0-6-6)


Bold branches and buxom blossoms are yours with Botanicare KIND Bloom (0-6-6) supplement! This mixture gives you phosphorus for gorgeous flower buds and magnesium to increase photosynthesis, balanced potassium for sturdy growth. And we’ve done the calculations on the precise dilution for peak flowering and ripening performance.

• Full, specialized nutrition without adding excess nitrogen
• Formulated for fast-flowering annuals — not greens or root crops
• Easy to use with KIND Base
• Carefully balanced for full nutrient benefit
• Based on the most advanced plant science research

Available in quart (32 oz.) and gallon (128 oz.) sizes.

Feed Sheet (PDF)

Application is based on the type of grow medium. See feed charts (above) for instructions specific to your needs.

Grower’s Tip:
Consult our detailed feed sheets for exact instructions! Just select your type of growing medium for perfect application.