Boosts overall growth and production. AXIOM is a Plant Health Promoter and Growth Stimulator that activates a plant’s defense system resulting in improved plant growth and increased yields. Harpin Proteins are produced in nature by certain bacteria. Plants develop receptors on their foliage to detect the presence of Harpin Proteins which leads to increased plant yields and health. AXIOM has multi-year University and field-tested results on a vast array of different crops and ornamentals.

Available in THREE sizes — 0.5 gm, 3 x 2 gm and 2 oz packs.

Harpinαβ Protein ….. 1.00%

Proven Trial Results
• Increased Yields: yield increases of 10 – 30% in vegetable crops
• Improved Plant Health: Reduction of nematodes by an average of 50%
• Increased Shelf Life: Increases shelf life of fresh cut vegetables by 5-7 days
• Accelerate Plant Development: Increased roots, fruit size & number; early flowering, fruit set, fruit maturation

• Stimulates healthy plant growth
• Helps defend against plant diseases
• Increases root mass
• Improves plant stamina and vigor
• Promotes flowering & fruit size

Plants can be sprayed, fogged, drenched, or dipped. Do not over apply; product is systemic (once applied to the plant, will generate a full plant response). Axiom is compatible with a wide range of other products. Always add first, then add other products. Do not use with oxidizing agents

Mix 2.0 gm per gallon of water and apply with a sprayer: 1,000 sq. ft of coverage.

Mix 2.0 oz per 50 gallons of water and apply with a sprayer: 1 acre coverage.

Grower’s Tip:
For best results, apply every 2 weeks in vegetative and reproductive stages and once during the last week.