Garden Gypsum

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Organic Traditions Espoma Garden Gypsum loosens clay soils. It is a high purity mineral (the finest grade available – 92%) that provides valuable benefits to soils and plants. While not a fertilizer, this all-natural soil conditioner can help increase the productivity of all your gardening efforts. Ideal for organic gardening.

• Loosens clay soils and helps improve water and air penetration.
• Adds vital secondary nutrients – calcium and sulfur.
• Aids in minimizing salt damage to plants.
• Helps promote root growth and maximizes fertilizer effectiveness.
• Ecologically safe – non-toxic, non-burning, safe for plants, pets and people.

Available size: 6 lb Bag


Gardens: 5 lbs. per 25 square feet.
Shrubs: 3 lbs. per shrub
Roses and Flowers: 1 lb. per plant

Grower’s Tip:
Whenever possible cultivate into the soil. Use caution cultivating around shallow rooted shrubs. Always water thoroughly after each application.