Performance Pack

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Get the best 3-part nutrient system with all of the top additives in ONE convenient starter kit! The General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack contains everything you need for better crop quality and enhanced plant yields. This product is NOT registered for sale in the state of Oregon.

FloraGro, pint (16 oz)
FloraBloom, pint (16 oz)
FloraMicro, pint (16 oz)
FloraBlend, 8 oz
Liquid KoolBloom, 8 oz
FloraKleen, 4 oz
RapidStart, 1 oz
Floralicious Plus, 1 oz
pH Test Indicator, 1 oz

Feed Chart, Recirculating (PDF)
Feed Chart, Drain-to-Waste (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
These highly purified concentrates were chosen by NASA scientists because of their superior formulation, quality and reliability. Designed to work with ALL media, growing methods and applications.