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Made of premium grade spun-bond polyester, Harvest-Guard Floating Row Cover has “pores” large enough to let in sunlight, water and air, but small enough to keep out insect pests. Single layer protects as low as 29°F; double layer protects as low as 26°F. Garden Staples can be used to help secure the fabric.

• Insulates seeds and young plants for a healthy head-start
• Less handling and mess than unsightly straw
• Frost and insect protection — ideal for gardens & lawns
• Breathable — creates a physical barrier to insects, birds and animals
• Apply water and fertilizers on top of fabric; no removal required
• Ideal for multiple season use, spring and fall

Read our article How to Protect Plants with Row Covers to learn more.

Available in THREE sizes — please select from dropdown menu.


STEP 1: Prepare garden plot and plant seeds, seedlings and young plants.

STEP 2: Unfold to desired length (cut in sections if necessary).

STEP 3: Drape cover loosely over seed bed or plants to allow plenty of slack for plants which grow upright (tomatoes and peppers).

STEP 4: Secure to ground every 6 to 8 feet using garden staples, nails, rocks, etc.

Grower’s Tip:
Double up Harvest-Guard to protect crops from severe frost — single layer protects as low as 29°F; double layer protects as low as 26°F.

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