EZ Low – 16 Site, Black

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It’s plug-n-play for the greenhouse! This compact EZ Clone Machine takes the tedium and failures out of rooting plants and gives you 100% success within a 5-day window. A fast, fuss-free method that will give you sturdy roots, minimal root shock and a bundle of roots in a week or less.

• High flow-rate aeroponic system
• Holds 16 clippings
• Cleaner, simpler method than rockwool
• Manufactured with durable UV protected HDPE plastic
• Made in the USA

• 16 neoprene cloning collars
• Lid and reservoir
• Water pump with extended baseplate and suction cups for stability
• Misting system

Product Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
For best results, clean the system very thoroughly between uses.