EZ Low 32 Site, Black

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Clip and grow your best plants in no time with the EZ CLONE Machine. This high flow-rate aeroponic system has 32 sites and consistently produces a beautiful cluster of roots in less than a week — with minimal transplant shock!

• Clean, low-maintenance aeroponic system
• Start your first crop in minutes
• Holds 32 clippings
• Made from durable UV protected HDPE plastic
• Made in the USA

• 32 neoprene cloning collars
• Reservoir with lid labeled to help track specimens
• Water pump with extended baseplate and suction cups for stability
• Misting system

Product Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
With this unique design, optimal root growth can take place under a range of water temperatures (ambient air temperature between 68 and 78˚F recommended). Remember that warmer temps will encourage bacteria.