Evolution 1000

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Better water quality, healthier plants, more water recovery! The HyperLogic Evolution-RO 1000 reverse osmosis system takes out more than 95% of impurities from your local water supply to give you yet another growing advantage. Purifies up to 45 gallons of water per hour.

• High capacity of 1,000+ gallons per day
• Standard 2:1 waste to product ratio with 1:1 option included
• Custom KDF/Catalytic carbon filter
• Filters out chlorine, chloramines, iron, sulfur and heavy metals
• Easy to assemble

• High-flow RO unit
• 2 RO membranes
• Inlet pressure gauge
• 1/2-in. garden hose connector
• 3/8-in. inline shutoff valve
• Tubing for inlet line, purified water line and drain line

Grower’s Tip:
Flow rates are dependent on inlet pressure. Check yours and consult the Product Manual (PDF) to determine your expected flow rate.